Farmed worlds, isolated farmers?

Farmed worlds, isolated farmers?

The next CSO Breakfast Series : 2018 december, 6th

17 October 2018
Interview of Léonie Hénaut, Jeanne Lazarus et Jérôme Pélisse about their visiting scholars in US Universities
11 October 2018
Interview of Martin Giraudeau, new Assistant Prof, CSO

23 november 2018, Paris :
Grève froide et drôle de négociation. Les mutations des relations professionnelles en France par Jérôme Pélisse

Colloquium co-organised by the CSO, IMT Atlantique, IRSN & ORANO, from December 13th to 14th 2018 :
«Lessons learned»? Studying learning devices and processes in relation to technological accidents

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20 September 2018
How to be boss and Christian?

3 May 2018
The next CSO Breakfast Series : 2018 may, 3rd

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Networks and Regulation Seminar

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Indebtedness Seminar

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