Journées d'étude / Workshops
States and Markets
3 December 2008

The social foundations of markets , political institutions at the local and transnational level and socio-economic change are amongst the topics to be discussed.

This workshop will be followed by another to take place in Cologne on March 25-27, 2009.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

13h30-16h15 Standards and Norms

Patrick Castel (CSO), "What’s behind a guideline? Authority, competition and collaboration in the French oncology sector"

Daniel Benamouzig and Olivier Borraz (CSO), "Health protection agencies in Europe"
Olga Maletz (MPI), "The impact of transnational private governance: a case-study of forest certification in Russia."

16h45-18h15 Transnational Institution-Building

Sigrid Quack (MPI), "Transnational institution building"
Pauline Ravinet (CSO), "The Bologna process: emergence and
institutionalization of a European governance arena for higher

Thursday, 4 December 2008

9h30-12h15 Markets and Market Relationships

Christine Musselin and Pierre Francois (CSO), "Artists and
academics on the job market"
Jens Beckert (MPI), "Valuation and price formation in
contemporary art"
Sophie Dubuisson (CSO), "How do social movements shape the

14h00-17h30 Institutions and Socio-Economic Change

Patrick Le Galès (CEVIPOF), "The transformation of the State"
Catherine Hoeffler (CEVIPOF), "Assessing change in French arms procurement policies"
Birgit Apitzsch (MPI), "From internal to informal labor markets? Projectification of work and changing modes of labor market governance”
Saskia Freye (MPI), "German corporate elite in flux"

Friday, 5 December 2008
9h00-12h30 Political Foundations of Economic Choices

Emiliano Grossman (CEVIPOF), "The comparative politics of
financial service liberalization"
Cornelia Woll (CERI), "Economic patriotism: the clash between political and economic boundaries"
Marius Busemeyer (MPI), "The comparative political economy of education and training"
Claire Dupuy (CEVIPOF), "Regional education policy in France and Germany"

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