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Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier works in the field of economic sociology, conducting research on the social construction of consumers and markets.
She analyzes the way in which the economic behaviors of consumers are progressively shaped by the interaction of firms, the State, and social movements. A portion of her research thus focuses on firms – and, more generally, all market professionals (e.g., designers, consulting firms, etc.) – so as to grasp how they formulate their views of consumer preferences in order to define and market their products. A second, complementary focus of Dubuisson-Quellier’s research addresses the way militant movements (e.g., fair trade, organic agriculture, environmental NGOs, or anti-advertising and responsible consumption movements) mobilize and empower consumers in both market and political spaces. Lastly, she studies different public policies that aim to govern consumer behavior – in particular, those concerning sustainable consumption, such as environmental labeling policy.

In 2009, Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier published La consommation engagée (Les Presses de Sciences Po) and « Gouverner les conduites » (Presses de sciences po) in 2016.

Member of the Revue Française de Sociologie editorial board
Member of the Sustainability: Sciences, Practice and Policy editorial board
Co-Director of the Presses Universitaires de la Sorbonne “economic sociology” collection (with Philippe Steiner and Marie Trespeuch)
Member of the ADEME Scientific Council
Member of the Sciences Po Scientific Council

Habilitation (HDR) in Sociology from the Université Paris IV (under the direction of Philippe Steiner) (2008)
Doctorate in Sociology from the École des Mines in Paris (under the direction of Michel Callon) (1996)
DEA in Industrial Economics from the Université Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble (1992)
Bachelor’s Degree from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Grenoble (1991)

"Dispositifs et dispositions de la consommation. Retour sur une enquête contemporaine articulant méthodes qualitatives et quantitatives", July 2019.

"La consommation au XXe siècle : enquêtes, savoirs, pratiques", July 2019.

Consommer et compter : enquêtes sur la consommation au XXe siècle
"Consommer et compter : enquêtes sur la consommation au XXe siècle", July 2019, Numéro Spécial.

Comportement correct exigé. Economie comportementale et gouvernement des conduites, November 2018.

Le biais comportementaliste
Le biais comportementaliste, 2018.

"From moral concerns to market values: how political consumerism shapes markets", May, 2018.

"Consumption governance toward more sustainable consumption", 2018.

La consommation engagée, 2e édition révisée
La consommation engagée, 2e édition révisée, 2018.

"The making og the consumer: historical and sociological perspectives", 2018.

"La capture comme levier de l’intervention publique sur l’économie. Le cas de la politique publique d’affichage environnemental en France", November 2017.

"Global standardization and local complexity. A case study of an aquaculture system in Pampanga delta, Philippines", November 2017.

La consommation, une affaire d'Etat. A propos de Un monde de chose de F. Trentmann, La vie des idées, November, 2016.

"Le gouvernement des conduites : instruments et acteurs", Presses de Sciences Po, May, 2016.

Compte-rendu de Alejandro Nesto Garcia Martinez (2015) Being human in a consumer society, Contemporary Sociology, May, 2016.

"Gouverner (par) les conduites des consommateurs : le cas de la politique publique de consommation durable", Presses de Sciences Po, May, 2016.

"Comment gouverner les acteurs du gouvernement des conduites ? Le cas de la régulation des pratiques de greenwashing dans la publicité", Presses de Sciences Po, May, 2016.

Gouverner les conduites
Gouverner les conduites, Presses de Sciences Po, 2016.

"Les effets du gouvernement sur les conduites : le rôle des bifurcations des trajectoires de vie dans les changements de conduite de consommation", Presses de Sciences Po, May, 2016.

"Why are food practices not (more) environnementally friendly in France? The role of collective standards and symbolic boundaries in food practices", Environmental Policy and Governance, April 2016.

"How consumption prescriptions affect food practices: Assessing the roles of household resources and life-course events", Journal of Consumer Culture, March 2016.

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