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For the last decade, sociologist Pierre François has been using economic sociology tools to analyze the dynamics of art worlds.
He is currently conducting research on contemporary poetry since the 1960s in collaboration with Sébastien Dubois.

In addition, he is also working on a historical sociology of firms and their managing directors since the beginning of the 19th century, as part of a study he is conducting with Claire Lemercier.
On September 1st 2017, Pierre François became the head of the Sciences Po's Doctoral School.

Lecturer at Sciences Po.

Professor at Ecole Polytechnique.

Dean of the Sciences Po's Doctoral School (2017- )

Director of the department of sociology at Sciences Po (2014).

Co-editor with Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier of the European Socio-Economic Electronic Newsletter during 2013-2014

Responsible for the teaching of sociology at the College of Sciences Po.

Co-director of the collection "Gouvernance" at the Presses of Sciences Po.

Professional Career

Senior research fellow (research professor) since 2010. CNRS research fellow (2001-2010).

Professor at Polytechnique school.

Project manager for the Commissariat Général du Plan (2000-2001).

Economic and Social Sciences teacher in high schools in Paris and Créteil (1998-2001).

Project manager for the Opéra National in Paris (1997-1998).

Habilitation in sociology (Université Paris IV), 2008.

Doctoral dissertation, Sociology, EHESS Paris, 2000.

Aggregation in Social Sciences, 1996.

Student at the Ecole normale supérieure in Cachan (1993-1997).

Bachelor’s degree from the Institut d’études politiques in Paris, 1994.

"The second financializaton in France - or how executives and directors with unchanged financial careers promoted a new conception of control", August, 2017.

"Entreprises et dirigeants familiaux. Quelles spécificités parmi les plus grandes entreprises françaises cotées ? (années 1950-années 2000)", August, 2017.

L’invention de la fonction risque : pouvoir, contre-pouvoir ?, 2017.

"Elites économiques : à qui profite la financiarisation ?", Pouvoirs, 2017.

Pourquoi utilisons-nous des modèles faux, 2016.

"Une financiarisation à la française (1979-2009). Mutations des grandes entreprises et conversion des élites", Revue française de sociologie, June 2016.

"L'action chez Andrew Abbott : pierre de touche ou chaînon manquant ?", 2016.

"Les organisations et leur marchés marchés du travail. Une comparaison du monde musical et du monde universitaire", L'Année sociologique, October 2015.

"L’entreprise et ses actionnaires", Revue française de sociologie, September 2015.

"Ebbs and Flows of French Capitalism", Routledge, January, 2015.

La fabrique sociale d'une tabula rasa : le lancement de Solvency II, 2015.

Finance in the French interlocking directorates networks: which financialization?, October 2014.

The interplay between the social space of firms and that of directors in French capitalism, June 2014.

Ebbs and flows of French capitalism, 1880s-2000s (Flux et reflux du capitalisme français, 1880s-2000s), May 2014.

"State or Status Capitalism? Some Insights on French Idiosyncrasis Using an Interlocking Directorates Approach", Economic Sociology European Electronic Newsletter, March 2014.

"Working the Market", November 2013, Numéro Spécial.

"Career paths and hierarchies in the pure pole of the literary field : The case of contemporary poetry", Poetics, October 2013.

"Seeing the World through Common Lenses? The Case of French Contemporary Poetry", June, 2013.

Vie et mort des institutions marchandes
Vie et mort des institutions marchandes, Presses de Sciences Po, 2011.

"Institutions économiques et institutions marchandes. Nature, puissance et genèse", Presses de Sciences Po, January, 2011.

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