Research Programs
Governance and economic organizations program : Knowledge, science, and expertise program : Public policy and transformations of the state program


Director of the Master "Organizational behavior and human resources" of Sciences Po (2015)

Manager with Didier Tabuteau of the "Domaine Santé" at the Presses of Sciences Po.

Manager (with Daniel Benamouzig) of the "programme Santé" (Health program) of LIEPP.

Scientific Coordinator of the “Chaire Santé” (Health Section) of Sciences Po-FNSP.

Etienne Nouguez dans « Le nouveau magazine littéraire » : L'économie comportementale est une révolution de pacotille

Henri Bergeron conducts research on healthcare policy and changes in medical practice through the study of various subjects, including illegal drugs, alcohol, obesity, medical research, and public healthcare. He uses tools from the sociology of public policy, the sociology of social movements, and above all the sociology of organizations to evaluate the forces at work in the creation of public policies and the reconfigurations of organizational and institutional fields. He is particularly interested in the interconnection of knowledge, expertise, and politics, and more broadly in organizational and institutional change.

Political Studies Institute of Paris (Institut d’études politiques de Paris)

Lecturer: “Sociological Analysis of Public Health” - Master of Public Affairs (12 hours) (2013)
Lecturer: "Institutional Analysis of Organizations" - Sciences Po-Max Planck Institute doctoral seminar (20 hours), in English (since 2012)
Lecturer: “Organizational Theories”, joint course for all Masters students at Sciences Po, with C. Musselin (24 hours) (since 2012)
Lecturer: “Introduction to Sociology: Epistemological issues" - 2nd year course, with A. Chenu and P. François (2008-2010)
Lecturer: “Sociology of collective action” - Master of Public Policy, with P. Castel (since 2008)
Lecturer: “Political sociology of health” – 2nd year course, with P. Castel (since 2012)
Lecturer: “Understanding Complex Organization” - Master of Public Affairs, with E. Friedberg, in English (since 2008)
Lecturer: “International Public Health” - Master of Public Affairs, with P. Castel, in English (since 2009)
Lecturer: “The Politics of Public Health” - Dual program Sciences Po - Northwestern University, in English (since 2009)

University of Paris I - Sorbonne

Lecturer: "Sociological Approaches to Public Policies” – Master of Economics, "Policy Decisions, Institutions, and Organizations” (2007-2010)
Lecturer: "Sociological Approaches to Public Policies” – Master of Public Law (since 2009)
Lecturer: “Sociology of Public Policy" – Master of Public Law (since 2008)

École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique (EHESP)

Lecturer: “Sociological Approaches to Health” - Master of Public Health (since 2008).

Political Studies Institute of Paris (IEP)

Director of the "Public Policy Management" Executive Master’s program (2017)
Co-holder of the “” chair (since 2017)
Director of the "Organizations and Human Resources Management" Master’s program at Sciences Po (2015)
Co-manager of the “Health Pole” (with Didier Tabuteau) at the Sciences Po University Press (since 2011)
Scientific Coordinator of the Healthcare Section at Sciences Po-FNSP (since 2007)


Project manager on health issues for the Human and Social Sciences department (2007 to 2008).
Member of the scientific committee for the “Psychotropes, Politics, and Society” research network (1999 to 2002).

National Conference on Health

Alternate member, “Alliance pour les sciences humaines et sociales” [Alliance for the Human and Social Sciences], representative for research organizations (since 2011)


Member of the “Information and Medicine” mission, created by Agnès BuzynMinister of Health and Solidarity (December 2017 - May 2018)
President of a Human and Social Sciences panel for the European Research Council (2017)
Member of the University Paris Sorbonne Academic Council (2015)
Appointed member of the Luxemburg Institute for Public Health (2015)
Appointed member of LSE IDEAS International Drug Policy Project (2013)
Appointed member of the French Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT) Scientific College (since 2012)
Appointed member of the Director’s Committee of Experts at the Institut de Santé Publique [Institute for Public Health] (IMTO IST INSERM) (since 2011)
Member of the Executive Committee at the Institut de Recherche en Santé Publique [Institue for Public Health Research] (IReSP) (since 2007)
Elected member of the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction Scientific Committee - EU Agency, Lisbon (since 2007)
Elected member of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP) Scientific Committee (2006 to 2011)
Elected member of the Interdepartemental Mission for the Fight Against Drugs and Drug Addiction (MILDT) Scientific Committee (2001 to 2011)

HDR "Entrepreneuriat institutionnel et structures sociales",
Sciences Po (2018)

Doctorate in Sociology from the Political Studies Institute of Paris (IEP)
Dissertation title: Prendre soin ou soigner les toxicomanes : Anatomie d’une croyance collective (To Care for or to Treat Drug Addicts: Anatomy of a Collective Belief).
Jury members: P. Birnbaum, R. Boudon, A. Ehrenberg, E. Friedberg and P. Muller.

DEA (Master) in the Sociology of Organizations. Political Studies Institute of Paris (IEP) (1989-1990)


English: Fluent spoken, written, and read
German: Spoken, read, and written
Turkish: Spoken and read
Portuguese: Spoken and read

Comportement correct exigé. Economie comportementale et gouvernement des conduites, November 2018.

Poleteke koinoniologia tes hygeias (Sociologie politique de la santé), 2018.

Le biais comportementaliste
Le biais comportementaliste, 2018.

Sociologie politique de la santé. 2e éd., 2018.

"Une contribution de la sociologie de l’action publique à l’évaluation de processus. Le cas des 'politiques d'organisation'", September 2018.

"Crisis and Change: The Making of a French FDA", September 2017.

European Drug Policies. The Ways of Reform
European Drug Policies. The Ways of Reform, 2017.

"The soft power of the European centre for drugs and drug addiction", 2017.

"L’enseignement de la sociologie des organisations", Entreprises et histoire, December 2016.

"Mécanismes de convergence de la régulation des drogues licites et illicites", Actualité et dossier en santé publique, June 2016.

"Sciences du comportement et gouvernement des conduites : la diffusion du marketing social dans la lutte contre l'obésité", Presses de Sciences Po, May, 2016.

"Achieving universal health coverage in France: policy reforms and the challenge of inequalities", The Lancet Journal, May 2016.

"Changer les politiques publiques : latéraliser la réflexion", 2016.

"Les habits neufs du néo-institutionnalisme ? La redécouverte de l’ordre mésologique et de l’agency", L'Année sociologique, November 2015.

"Regulatory anticipation of postmarket safety problems for novel medicines approved by the EMA between 2001 and 2010: a cross-sectional study", Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, November 2015.

"Evidence-based medicine", Presses de Sciences Po, September, 2015.

"Epidémiologie", Presses de Sciences Po, September, 2015.

"L'impossible réforme", Presses Universitaires de France, April, 2015.

Les drogues face au droit
Les drogues face au droit, Presses Universitaires de France, 2015.

"Regulatory review time and post-market safety events for novel medicines approved by the EMA between 2001 and 2010: a cross-sectional study", British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, March 2015.

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