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Economic conducts : Firms : Healthcare : Labor Markets and Professional Groups : Risk


Co-manager with Didier Tabuteau of the "Domaine Santé" at the Presses of Sciences Po.

Scientific Coordinator of the “Chaire Santé” (Healthcare Section) of Sciences Po-FNSP.

“A sociological analysis of participation and non-participation in organized colon cancer screening: toward an organizational approach,” directed by Patrick Castel in collaboration with Henri Bergeron, conducted by Lucile Hervouet

“Qualitative analysis of SIRICs (integrated cancer research sites),” directed by Patrick Castel, in collaboration with Henri Bergeron and Audrey Vézian.

Henri Bergeron conducts research on healthcare policy and changes in medical practice through study of various subjects : illegal drugs, alcohol, obesity, medical research, and public healthcare.

He uses methods from the fields of sociology of public action and sociology of organizations to evaluate forces at work in the creation of public healthcare policies and in changes in the healthcare field.

He is particularly interested in the interconnection of knowledge, expertise, and politics. He also focuses on the role of knowledge in professional practice and its affect on the way collective opinions are formed.

Institut d’études politiques de Paris

Lecturer « Sociological Analysis of Public Health » - Master of Public Affairs. In English (in 2013).
Lecturer "Institutional analysis of organizations", doctoral seminar Sciences Po-Max Planck Institute. In English. (since 2012).
Lecturer « Théories des organisations » in commun teaching for all Masters of Sciences Po. With C. Musselin (since 2012).
Lecturer in sociology "Epistemological issues" - 2nd year (2008-2010).
Lecturer “Understanding Complex Organization” - Master of Public Affairs. In English (since 2008).
Lecturer “International Public Health” - Master of Public Affairs. In English (since 2009).
Lecturer “Political sociology of health” – College of Sciences Po (since 2012).
Lecturer “Sociology of organizations, social movements and Neo-institutionalism” - Doctoral program of sociology (since 2008).
Lecturer “The Politics of Public Health” - Dual program Sciences Po - Northwestern University. In English (since 2009).

University of Paris I-Sorbonne

Lecturer "Sociological approaches of public policies” – Master in Economics "Policy-making Process, Institutions and Organisations” (2007-2010).
Lecturer “Public policies and industrial strategies” – Master in Public Law (since 2009).
Lecturer “Sociology of organizations and methodological issues" – Master in Public Law (since 2009).

École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique (EHESP)

Lecturer in the Master of Public Health. In English (since 2008).

Institut d’études politiques de Paris

Co-manager with Didier Tabuteau of the "Domaine Santé" at the Presses of Sciences Po (since 2011).
Scientific Coordinator of the "Chaire Santé" (Healthcare Section) of Sciences Po-FNSP (since 2007).


Project manager for health issues for the Social and Human Sciences department (from 2007 to 2008).
Member of the scientific board du Groupement de Recherches Psychotropes, Politique et Société (from 1999 to 2002).

Nationale Conference on Health

Substitute member, «Alliance pour les sciences humaines et sociales», representative for research organizations (since 2011).


Elected Member (2013) of LSE IDEAS International Drug Policy Project
Elected Member (since 2012) of the Scientific College of the French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT).
Member (since 2011) of Expert Committee to the Director of Institut de Santé Publique (IMTO IST INSERM).
Member (since 2007) of the Executive Committee of Institut de Recherche en Santé Publique (IReSP).
Elected Member (since 2007) of the Scientific Committee of European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, EU Agency, Lisbon.
Elected Member (from 2006 to 2011) of the Scientific Committee of International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP).
Elected Member (from 2001 to 2011) of the Scientific Committee of Interdepartemental Mission for the Fight Against Drugs and Drug Addiction (MILDT).

PhD in Sociology Prendre soin ou soigner les toxicomanes : Anatomie d’une croyance collective (To Care For or to Treat Drug Addicts: The Contours of a Collective Belief).
Jury members : P. Birnbaum, R. Boudon, A. Ehrenberg, E. Friedberg and P. Muller. Institut d’Études Politiques (IEP),
Paris (1993-1997).

DEA (Master) in the Sociology of Organizations. Institut d’Études Politiques (IEP) in Paris (1989-1990).


English : Fluent spoken, written, and read.
German : Spoken, read, and written.
Turkish : Spoken and read.
Portuguese : Spoken and read.

Governance by Labels, 2014.

"Lutter contre l'obésité en gouvernant les conduites des consommateurs", Questions de Santé Publique, June 2014.

When Frames (Don’t) Matter : Querying the Relationship between Ideas and Policy, 2014.

"Toward a Sociology of the Boundary-Entrepreneur. Creation and Diffusion of a Programme for the Prevention of Obesity", Revue française de sociologie, June 2013.

"Eléments pour une sociologie de l'entrepreneur-frontière. Genèse et diffusion d'un programme de prévention de l'obésité", Revue française de sociologie, June 2013.

Sociologia da droga
Sociologia da droga, Editoria IDEIAS LETRAS, 2012.

Compte rendu de lecture de l’ouvrage de Thibaut de Saint Pol, Le corps désirable. Hommes et femmes face à leur poids, Paris, Puf, 2010, Revue française de sociologie, April, 2012.

"Construction of a Policy Arena: The Case of Public Health in France", Journal of Health Politics, policy and Law, February 2012.

"Continuity, capture, network: The professional logics of the organization of care", Sociologie du travail, November 2011.

"Un entrepreneur privé de politique publique : la lutte contre l’obésité entre santé publique et intérêt privé", Revue Française de Science Politique, April 2011.

"The Culture of Drug Policy", Ashgate Editors, April, 2011.

"Foreword - Introduction: Drugs and culture", Ashgate Editors, April, 2011.

Drugs and Culture. Knowledge, Consumption and Policy
Drugs and Culture. Knowledge, Consumption and Policy, Ashgate, 2011.

"De l’Etat social à l’Etat pénal en France ? Quelques réflexions sur l’hypothèse de Loïc Wacquant", Academic Press Fribourg, February, 2011.

"La force d’une institution faible : le cas d’une agence européenne d’information", Politique européenne, February 2011.

"Les mouvements sociaux. Organisations et stratégies", Revue française de gestion, 2011.

"Captation, appariement, réseau. Une logique professionnelle d’organisation des soins", Sociologie du travail, December 2010.

Regards croisés sur l’obésité
Regards croisés sur l’obésité, Editions de Santé et Presses de SciencesPo, collection « Séminaires », 2010.

"Les politiques européennes de lutte contre la drogue : Européanisation, convergence et processus sociopolitiques", Sécurité globale, 2010.

"Drogues illicites et toxicomanies", La Découverte, 2010.

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