Assistant Professor at Sciences Po

Research Programs
Governance and economic organizations program : Knowledge, science, and expertise program


Martin Giraudeau is a sociologist and historian of accounting, organizations and capitalism. His work draws on methods from the sociology and history of science and technology, which he applies to the sciences and technologies of business, so as to explain their historical emergence as well as the evolutions of their roles in organizations and the economy since the early-modern period.

Martin has conducted extensive empirical research on the rise of entrepreneurship over the past two and a half centuries, with a specific focus on the evolving forms and uses of business plans. He is currently completing two books on the topic: one on the shift in business planning methods that can be observed in the so-called age of revolutions, centered on the case of the founding of the DuPont de Nemours corporation; the other on the rise of entrepreneurship as an industry, and of business plans as a standardized technology of the future, since the mid-20th century. He has, in parallel, expanded his empirical focus to the study of projects beyond entrepreneurship, as well as to the role of records and record-keeping in the management of business continuity.

Sciences Po, Department of Sociology (2018-…)
- Historical Sociology of Capitalism (undergraduate)
- The World of Entrepreneurship (graduate)
- Innovation in Accounting (graduate)

London School of Economics, Department of Accounting (2009-2018)
- Accountability, Organizations & Risk Management (MSc course leadership, lectures, seminars, 2012-…)
- Accounting, Organizations & Institutions (MSc lectures and seminars, 2011-…)
- Management Accounting, Strategy & Organizational Control (MSc seminars, 2010-2015)
- Management Accounting, Decisions & Control (MSc seminars, 2010-2011)
- Firms, Markets & Crises (MSc seminars, 2011-2012)
- Managerial Accounting (BSc lectures and seminars, 2012-2015)
- Elements of Accounting and Finance (BSc seminars, 2009-2010)
- PhD advisor for Alistair Marsden, Vassily Pigounides and Dmitrii Zhikharevich.
- MSc long essay advisor

University of Toulouse, Department of Sociology (2004-2009)
- Social Production & Reproduction (BA in Sociology, 1st year seminars)
- Sociology of Statistics (BA in Applied Social Research, 3rd year lectures)
- On Demand Topics in Sociology (BA in Applied Social Research, 3rd year lectures)
- Survey Research (BA in Sociology, 3rd year seminars)
- Quantitative Methods (BA in Sociology, 2nd year seminars)
- Framing and management of year-long collective, contractual, empirical studies (études-école, BSc in Applied
Social Research, 3rd year classes)

Former Positions:

- Assistant Professor at the Department of Accounting, London School of Economics & Political Science (2011-2018)
- Faculty Fellow at the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History, Harvard University (2015-2016)
- Visiting Professor at the Science, Technology and Society Center, European University in Saint Petersburg (2013-2014)
- LSE Fellow at the Department of Accounting, London School of Economics & Political Science (2009-2011)
- Fulbright Fellow at the Program in Science, Technology and Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Fall 2008)
- Visiting Scholar at the Fundação Getulio Vargas Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo (Fall 2005)
- Teaching Fellow at the University of Toulouse (2004-2009)

Editorial & Review Activities:

- Associate Editor at Valuation Studies (2014-...)
- Reviewer for academic journals and presses in Sociology, History, Management, Accounting, Ethnography

PhD in Sociology (Distinction), University of Toulouse
Dissertation title: “La Fabrique de l’avenir. Une sociologie historique des business plans”
Committee: Franck Cochoy (advisor), Michel Grossetti, Bruno Latour, Philippe Steiner, Pierre-Paul Zalio

Magistère in Modern Humanities, École Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Cachan

Diplôme d’Études Approfondies (M.Phil.) in Sociology, University of Toulouse

Agrégation in Social and Economic Sciences

Maîtrise (M.A) in Sociology, University of Paris-Nanterre

Licence (B.A.) double major in Sociology and Economics, University of Paris-Nanterre

"The Predestination of Capital: Projecting E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company into the New World", 2019.

"Proving Future Profit: Business Plans as Demonstration Devices", November 2018.

"Une histoire politique des projets", November, 2018.

"Business plans (États-Unis, second XXe siècle)", October, 2018.

"Définir les projets", October, 2018.

Les Projets. Une histoire politique (XVI-XXIe siècles)
Les Projets. Une histoire politique (XVI-XXIe siècles), 2018.

"Processing the Future: Venture Project Evaluation at American Research and Development Corporation (1946–1973)", 2018.

"The Farm as an Accounting Laboratory: An Essay on the History of Accounting and Agriculture", 2017.

"Histories of Accounting & Agriculture", 2016, Numéro Spécial.

"Inclined Plans: On the Mechanics of Modern Futures", 2016.

"Our economy", 2016.

"The Business of Continuity", 2016.

"Faire les Affaires", 2015.

"Business Plans", 2014.

The Limits of Performativity. Politics of the Modern Economy, 2014.

"Remembering the Future: Entrepreneurship Guidebooks in the US, from Meditation to Method (1945-1975)", May 2012.

"Imagining (the Future) Business: How to Make Firms with Plans?", 2011.

"Performing Physiocracy. Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours and the Limits of Political Engineering", 2010.

"The Making of the Future. A Historical Sociology of Business Plans", 2010.

"Performativity, Economics & Politics", 2010, Numéro Spécial.

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