Research Programs
Knowledge, science, and expertise program : Law, norms, and regulations program : Public policy and transformations of the state program : Work, employment, and professions program


CSO researcher since April 2014.

CNRS research fellow at the Center for Research on Political Action in Europe (CRAPE, University of Rennes I), 2007-2014.

Renaud Crespin in Le Monde : Pourquoi les salariés se droguent-ils au travail?

2018 Award of RH book : Se doper pour travailler

Renaud Crespin’s research is underpinned by a theoretical framework centered on three analytical perspectives: the sociology of public action, the sociology of science and techniques, and the sociology of work.

This research examines rationalization processes in public action relative to the fields of healthcare and the environment. More specifically, Crespin conducts comparative research on processes of instrumentation for prevention policies (screenings, blood donor selection) in various areas (blood donation, the fight against HIV/AIDS, road safety, the fight against drugs, workplace safety, etc.). He also looks at the role of technical-scientific expertise in the construction of public health issues, especially in regard to the environment (e.g., indoor air pollution).

Since 2013
“Evaluation of Public Policies”, course with Clément Lacouette, Master of International Public Management / Master of Environmental Policy at PSIA, Science Po Paris, (24h)

Since 2012
“Public Action Instruments and Formalization: The Case of Health Policy”, course in Second-year Master of Steering Public Health Policies and Actions at EHESP-Science Po Rennes, (14h)

Since 2010
“How the Social Sciences Handle Public Health Crises”, lectures for the EHESP entrance exam preparation course (3h)

Since 2009
“Evaluating Public Policies” (4h) and “What Does It Mean to Formalize Public Action in Collective Risk Management Policies?” (4 h), lectures for the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) [French National School of Administration] training program in Strasbourg

Participation in research programs and projects

AIRIN (Indoor Air: Public Actions and Actor Involvement) - CURAPP/CRAPE – ADEME/Primequal

INDEX (Expert independence and issues thereof in the field of public health: expertise in practice and communication issues) - GSPE/CSO/PRISME/PACTE - ANR

PREVDROG-PRO (Analysis of prevention and management modes regarding drug consumption in French firms) - CNAM-CRTD – MILDT/INCA (AAP Prevention, drugs, and society. Theme track 2: Addictive Behaviors in Professional Milieus)

FORMALIZATION, REPRESENTATION, AND PRACTICES OF BLOOD DONATION - Contract for research collaboration between the CNRS-Brittany, the CRAPE, and the French Blood Agency in Brittany (EFS-Bretagne)

EURORISK (Europeanization/trans-nationalization of health and environmental risks) MISHA – GSPE – University of Strasbourg

Participation in research groups and seminars

Since September 2012
Member of the AIRIN/Primequal/Ademe seminar focused on analyzing indoor air pollution prevention issues and policies
Since 2011
Member of the PREVDROG-Pro working group, financed by the MILDT/INCA
Member of the ANR/INDEX trans-disciplinary seminar (on researcher independence)

Expertise work

Since 2008
Providing expertise and evaluating projects conducted by the MILDT, ANSES, IRESP, AFSSET, EFS, or ANR.

Writing calls for proposals/participation in selection committees for PhD contracts

Since 2011
Member of the editorial and selection committee for MILDT/EHESS PhD contracts called “MILDT – EHESS: Addictions and Society”

Academic research committees

Appointed member of the CNRS’ Interdisciplinary Commission 53, “Methods, Practices, and Communication of Science and Techniques”

Depuis 2014
Appointed member of the INSHS scientific council at the CNRS

Expertise related to research for public agencies

Appointed member of the GT4, “Society, Values, and Ethics of Blood Donation in the Future“ / Prospective 2035 – French Blood Agency (EFS)

Since 2016
Expert for the Étude DePICT’s scientific committee, Evaluation of the implementation of neutral cigarette packaging in France - French Ministry of Health - INCA ¬- Inserm

Since 2014
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Evaluation of Health-Environment Projects at ANSES (APR-PNREST)

Editorial responsibilities

Since 2011
Member of the international editorial board of the journal Lien Social et Politiques

Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne. Thesis director: Pierre Lascoumes.
Dissertation title: “Appropriation and Public Regulation of a Biological Instrument: The Social Career of HIV Screening – A Comparative Study (France, United States, the Netherlands)”
Jury members: Martine Bungener, Michel Callon, Bastien François, and Jacques Lagroye

Master 2 in Organizations and Public Policy from University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

Master 1 in Political Science from University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

"Prévenir les dangers des usages de drogues au travail : la régulation comparée de la carrière transnationale des tests de dépistage biologique - Etats-Unis et France", December, 2017.

Compte rendu de Dominique Lhuilier et Anne-Marie Waser (dir.), Que font les 10 millions de malades ? Vivre et travailler avec une maladie chronique, October, 2017.

"Santé et politiques urbaines", May 2017, Numéro Spécial.

Se doper pour travailler
Se doper pour travailler, 2017.

"Villes et santé", 2017.

"Introduction : se doper pour travailler", 2017.

"Réduire des risques en ignorant le travail: Enjeux d'expertise autour du dépistage des drogues", 2017.

"Présentation : santé et politiques urbaines", 2017.

"Critiques et formes de résistance d’une médecine sous influence. Les médecins du don face à la rationalisation de leurs pratiques", Sciences sociales et santé, December 2016.

"Un scandale à la recherche de son public. La construction médiatique du problème de la « pollution de l’air intérieur » en France (1995-2015)", Politiques de communication, September 2016.

"Savoirs : présentation du thème", July 2016.

"« De la guerre à l’emploi : extension (trans)nationale du dépistage des drogues: Le cas des entreprises états-uniennes et françaises", 2016.

"Le sens des mesures. Usages et circulation des chiffres dans la définition du problème public des drogues au travail", Psychotropes, September 2015.

"Quand par le local s’ancre le global. Cadrages et débordements dans la carrière comparée d’un instrument de santé, le dépistage du VIH, dans les prisons françaises et américaines", Presses Universitaires de Rennes, September, 2015.

"Dépistage", Presses de Sciences Po, September, 2015.

"Savoir(s)", Presses de Sciences Po, September, 2015.

"Bonne pratique médicale", Presses de Sciences Po, September, 2015.

"Situation d’expertise", Presses de Sciences Po, September, 2015.

"Linking medicine, industry, science, and politics: the history of French blood donor deferral criteria", Routledge, July, 2015.

"Travail(s), santé et usages de substances psychoactives", 2015, Numéro Spécial.

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