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Labor Markets and Professional Groups


Léonie Hénaut’s work primarily draws from the sociology of professions and organizations. She studies the processes at work in the construction of professional groups and of their division of labor.

Her initial research looked at the field of the preservation of cultural heritage. In her doctoral dissertation, which is currently being published, she analyzes the transformation of this field of activity and the professional dynamics at play for art restorers and museum curators. She also shows how controversies and jurisdictional struggles affect the appearance of artworks, and how authenticity is produced in the work process. Currently, she is conducting a study on museum professions and the changes within them, in France and the United States from the 1950s on. This international comparison constitutes the core of her research program, the objective being to reveal the role interactions – between professionals and between organizations – play in professional dynamics.

Since 2009, Léonie Hénaut has also been addressing these questions in a different field of activity: chronically ill patient care. Here again, workers from different sectors (social, health, medical, paramedical, and legal) are obliged to cooperate, and they also struggle for recognition of their specific expertise, as well as for a definition of personal autonomy. With researchers from the Center for the Sociology of Innovation and the Center for Scientific Management at the Ecole des Mines in Paris, she is collaborating on several projects on the coordination of care and services for elderly and handicapped persons, as well as the structuring of assistance for family caregivers.

These different research veins should make it possible to both delineate the organizational specificities unique to preservation or care – of cultural heritage or people – and build an interactional theory of professional dynamics.

Member of the organization committee for the 2nd scientific conference of the Caisse Nationale de Solidarité pour l'Autonomie (National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy)- 2011-2012

Ph.D. in sociology University of Paris 8 (2008)

Diploma Ecole du Louvre (2004)

Master’s in sociology, University of Paris 8 (2003)

Évaluation qualitative PAERPA - Rapport final, 2017.

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