Research Programs


IFRIS Post-doctoral fellow, CERMES 3 (Research Centre of Health, Medicine, Science and Society)

Research areas :

- Risk & disasters
- Global health
- Science & social knowledge
- Public policy, professions & the state
- Transnational governance

My work seeks to analyse knowledge and global forms of interventions in the field of health and environmental risks. I look at the way science defines and shapes notions of risks and related political configurations. From a theoretical point of view, my research aims to contribute to the development of political sociology of sciences, in particular social sciences. I am particularly interested in the making and circulation of knowledge, as well as the organisational dynamics of scientific movements.

In 2012, I defended a PhD thesis entitled “Governing disasters. Policy, knowledge and organisation of disaster management in South Africa”, in which I studied the way science, profession and the state shaped disasters and risks in this country from the mid XXth century. My interest for science came from the analysis of the development of disaster science, at the crossroads of political transformations in South Africa, re-confuring notions of international development and the rise of risk and vulnerability as paradigms to think disasters.

I have now turned to the field of global health and its development from international health. My post-doctoral research intends to analyse how global health institutionalised in universities, the related configurations of knowledge and how it eventually shaped the very notion of global health in policy domains.

Participation to collective research projects

2013-2014 : Co-organisation of a seminar « Political Sociology of Sciences » (with Antoine Roger, at Sciences Po Bordeaux)

2010 –2013 : "XenAfPol", international research project funded by the French National Research Agency, led by Dr Laurent Fourchard (LAM, Sciences Po Bordeaux) and Dr Aurelia Wa Kabwe Segatti (ACMS, Wits University, Johannesburg) on xenophobic violence in four African countries.

2010 – 2011 : Realisation of a literature review for the seminar "Towards a socio-economic evaluation of risks? The contribution of social sciences to risk analysis" organised by Olivier Borraz (CNRS-CSO), Pierre-Benoît Joly (INRA-IFRIS), Christine Noiville (CNRS-University of Paris 1).

Political science
"Public policy, International Politics, Introduction to Political Science" (in French)

Risk and disasters
"Cities at risk. Risk governance in the large metropolis" (taught with Dr Olivier Borraz) ; "Urban catastrophes in the developing world" (in English)
"Crisis and disaster management; Crisis, disasters and humanitarian interventions in Africa". (in French)

"Sociology of organisations, Introduction to Sociology" (in French)
"Global Migrations in Africa" (in English)

Various tutorials and supervision experience at Sciences Po Paris
"Qualitative Research Methods" (in English)

International teaching experiences

2004 – 2005: Teaching assistant at the French Department, University of Cape Town

Positions held

2011 – 2012
Fixed-term Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

2010 – 2011
Research Assistant, Sciences Po Paris / Centre for the Sociology of Organisations.

2007 – 2010
Dissertation writing fellowship and Teaching Assistant in Sociology at Sciences Po Paris.

2003 – 2007
State-paid student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan.

Other academic related activities

2010 - 2012 : students’ representative at the CSO Board

Since 2008 : Foreign Correspondent for a French magazine, Books (book review watching, summarizing and writing for Southern African publications)

2004 : Organization of a visual sociology contest at the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan.

PhD in Sociology, Sciences Po Paris
Supervisor : Dr Olivier Borraz (CSO/CNRS)
Thesis committee : Dr Patrick Le Galès (Sciences Po / CEE), Prof. Gabrielle Hecht (U. Mich), Dr. Claude Gilbert (CNRS, Pacte), Prof. Soraya Boudia (University of Marne-La- Vallée), Prof. Dominique Darbon (Sciences Po Bordeaux).

Master (2nd year) in Sociology, Sciences Po.

Master (1st year) University of Paris Nanterre and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. With distinctions in Political Sociology.

BA (Hons in Humanity) Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and University of Paris Nanterre. Major in Sociology and History, with distinctions.

"Conflicts as Disasters. Translating violent conflict in post-apartheid South Africa", Brill-Aegis, May, 2014.

Gouverner les catastrophes. Politiques, savoirs et organisation de la gestion des catastrophes en Afrique du Sud, 2012.

Compte rendu de lecture : Clunan, Anne, et Harold Trinkunas, éds., Ungoverned Spaces: Alternatives to State Authority in an Era of Softened Sovereignty, Stanford, Stanford Security Studies, 2010, Gouvernement et Action publique, March, 2012.

La catastrophe et l'État-providence, La vie des idées, April, 2011.

Compte rendu de lecture de Sécurisation des quartiers et gouvernance locale. Enjeux et défis pour les villes africaines. Bénit-Gbaffou, Claire, Seyi Fabiyi, et Elisabeth Peyroux, éds, Paris, Karthala, 2010, Politique Africaine, 2011.

Des experts de l'entre-deux. Circulation, académisation et institutionnalisation des disaster studies au Sud, December 2010.

"The Circulation of Risk Governance. Crafting Disaster Management in South Africa", Working papers du Programme "Villes & territoires", December 2010.

Compte-rendu de lecture de : Ally, Shireen : "From Servants to Workers. South African Domestic Workers and the Democratic State", Ithaca, Durban, Cornell University Press, UKZN Press, 2009, Politique Africaine, November, 2010.

"La gestion du risque de violences xénophobes au Cap", Lesedi, Lettre d'information de l'IFAS recherche, July 2010.

"Dealing with Xenophobic Violence in South Africa: Anti-Politics Machine?", Lesedi, IFAS research newsletter, July 2010.

Paradigmes, réformes et acteurs du disaster management en Afrique du Sud depuis 1994, March 2010.

The Circulation of Risk Governance. Crafting Disaster Management in South Africa, 2010.

Protecting a nation? State transformations and the governance of disaster risks in South Africa since 1994, October 2009.

La pollution atmosphérique : un risque “accepté” ?, July 2009.

La sécurité par la crise ? Une relecture de la gestion des violences xénophobes en Afrique du Sud en mai 2008, April 2009.

Managing Conflictual Population Displacement in Urban South Africa : The 2008 Xenophobic Violence Crisis in Cape Town, January 2009.

La production des identités de réfugiés en Afrique australe. Trajectoires de Congolais de RDC vers l’Afrique du Sud post-apartheid, September 2008.

La production des identités de réfugiés en Afrique australe. Trajectoires de Congolais de RDC vers l’Afrique du Sud post-apartheid, September 2008.

How to make a refugee ? Categorizing migrants in practice and in practices of research, March 2008.

Discussion du livre de Djelic, M.-L. et Sahlin Andersson, K. : Transnational governance, institutional dynamics of regulation, 2006, Cambridge University Press, January, 2008.

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