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Governance and economic organizations program : Knowledge, science, and expertise program : Work, employment, and professions program

Patrick CASTEL

Projet ANSM - Une agence dans son environnement, dirigé par Henri Bergeron, Patrick Castel et Etienne Nouguez et avec la participation d'Hadrien Coutant et des étudiant-e-s du Master de sociologie (30 mois)

Patrick Castel’s research is underpinned by a theoretical framework centered on three perspectives: the sociology of organized action, the sociology of medicine and professions, and the sociology of science.

Two main themes run through his research: the organization of medical activities and the processes of rationalization involved in this, and the processes of designing and implementing public healthcare policies.

Regarding the former, Castel has worked on the organization of patient management for cancer patients, the processes by which recommendations for clinical practice are produced and implemented, and the organization of clinical and translational research. He is particularly interested in the figure of the organizing clinician, as well as in the reconfigurations of work and of patient management resulting from digitization and the production of heterogeneous data.
In respect to the latter, Castel has collaborated with other CSO researchers on food and nutrition policies. This field proves instructive for studying the role of entrepreneurs, private actors, and knowledge relative to governance in the creation of public policy. His principal fieldwork has concerned obesity prevention and the market for food products bearing health claims.

Since 2010
Sociology of Organizations and Collective Action, Master of Sociology at Sciences Po (with Henri Bergeron)

Since 2013
Interview Training, Master of Sociology (with François Dedieu)

Since 2016
Prize for Best HR Book, Master of Organization and Management of Human Resources (with Henri Bergeron)

Since 2010
Leadership, Behaviors, and the Sociology of Organizations, School of Public Affairs (with Henri Bergeron)
Member of the educational committee and lecturer for the Executive Master of Public Policy Management

Related Professional Activities

Since 2013
Member of the CNAMTS (Caisse nationale de l'assurance maladie des travailleurs salariés) [National Health Insurance Fund for Employees] scientific council

Since 2012
Member of the Sciences Sociales et Santé editorial board


Doctorate in Sociology from the Political Studies Institute of Paris (IEP)
Dissertation title: Normaliser les pratiques, organiser les médecins. La qualité comme stratégie de changement. Le cas des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer (Standardizing Practices, Coordinating Doctors – Quality as a Vector for Change: The Case of French Cancer Centers)
Thesis director: Erhard Friedberg. Dissertation funded by a CIFRE grant.

Professional Career

2003-2007: Research Manager at the Léon Bérard Multidisciplinary Center, Oncology Network of the Rhône-Alpes region (ONCORA).

1999-2002: Research Manager at the French National Federation of Cancer Centers.

"A French Paradox? Toward an Explanation of Inconsistencies between Framing and Policies", July 2019.

L’apport de la sociologie dans les politiques de lutte contre le cancer (vidéo)
L’apport de la sociologie dans les politiques de lutte contre le cancer (vidéo), February 2019.

"Introduction", January, 2019.

"Conclusion", January, 2019.

Les politiques de lutte contre le cancer en France
Les politiques de lutte contre le cancer en France, 2019.

"Structurer la recherche française en cancérologie", January, 2019.

Comportement correct exigé. Economie comportementale et gouvernement des conduites, November 2018.

Expérimentations organisationnelles, recompositions professionnelles: la médecine de précision en action (Vidéo)
Expérimentations organisationnelles, recompositions professionnelles: la médecine de précision en action (Vidéo), October 2018.

Le biais comportementaliste
Le biais comportementaliste, 2018.

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Faire la concurrence. Retour sur un phénomène social et économique
Faire la concurrence. Retour sur un phénomène social et économique, Presses des Mines, 2016.

"Sciences du comportement et gouvernement des conduites : la diffusion du marketing social dans la lutte contre l'obésité", Presses de Sciences Po, May, 2016.

"Achieving universal health coverage in France: policy reforms and the challenge of inequalities", The Lancet Journal, May 2016.

"Changer les politiques publiques : latéraliser la réflexion", 2016.

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